1 day, 2 workouts

Modern day equivalent of ambrosia and nectar

Yes plz kthx bai

I’m not one of those type-A New Yorkers who regularly double-dip their workouts…but last night I found myself doing just that. In my own decidedly non-hardcore way.

My social plans for the night fell through, so I headed down to Dance New Amsterdam in Tribeca for a couple of classes. First came a “beginner” mat Pilates class, which reminded me that I still cannot for the life of me do a roll-up without lifting my feet off of the floor, and thoroughly kicked my ass. I followed it up with a Simonson modern/jazz class; that one was more mellow, and it similar to the other Simonson classes I’ve been taking yet still different enough to provide a fresh challenge.

DNA is definitely my new favorite dance spot in town. The space is gorgeous and the teachers and students are all super-friendly. There’s a great sense of community that comes through the second you head upstairs to the studio area– people are always hanging out and chatting in the halls as they wait for their next classes to start. Class rates at the studio are some of the most reasonable in NYC, after the incredibly inexpensive classes at Mark Morris. For non-members, a drop-in class is $16.50. I purchased a $45 membership to take advantage of a rare 11-for-$11 sale on classes a couple of months ago and will definitely buy another 10 class card when I finish my current series.

Of course, today my whole body hurts. And the torture isn’t over yet: I have another Pilates session– this time, a private at Plank— coming up in just about an hour. Maybe in the future I’ll be up for a more intense double-dip like a power vinyasa class followed by Physique 57. But I know myself…so probably not.

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