Ode to the strawberry

strawberry strawberry strawberry

Photo by Sanchom

Strawberries– sweet, tart, little red ovoids of joy– have been one of my very favorite fruits ever since I was a tiny kid, so I’m super-happy that they’re coming into season. Now that they’ve been marked as one of the EWG’s Dirty Dozen, I’m only trying to buy organic, but they’re so delicious that I’m more than willing to shell out the big bucks for them.

Boyfriend and I recently plowed our way through 16oz of organic strawberries that were so ripe and fresh that nearly every bite elicited some kind of yelp/exclamation/food-pleasure-noise from us. YES, THEY WERE THAT GOOD.

Fun fact: Strawberries are actually a “false fruit.” I know this because I wrote a research paper on the domestication of the strawberry for a college bio class. You see, a fruit is basically defined as the plant’s ovary (gross, and also a gross oversimplification, but deal with it). An in the case of the strawberry, the delicious squishy red part that we like to eat is actually just a carrier for the true fruit…which is what we see as the strawberry’s seeds. So the seeds are the real fruits. And inside each of the fake seeds/real fruits is a real seed. They’re like matryoshka dolls in fruit form. Damn, strawberries. Why so complicated?

If you don’t believe me, Wikipedia backs me up. Congratulations! Your mind has officially been blown.

And what can you do with this abundance of strawberry goodness? Hell, what can’t you do? Here are a few easy recipes I’m dying to try out this berry season:

Happy berry-eating (and drinking)!

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