Twenty. And a belated home-cooking writeup.

20 weeks of workouts

It continues! I was greeted with this message as I checked into my dance class last night. If weeks were years, my exercise streak would be declaring a major (and changing its mind a week later), whining about running out of meal plan points, and making assorted terrible life decisions.

OH, ALSO: A week or so ago, Boyfriend and I baked some salmon with a ginger-chili-soy glaze and served it with stir-fried baby bok choy, bell pepper, and onion, but forgot to document it here.

Voila. It was delicious.

Random bonus: the sliced-off bulb ends of baby bok choy looked like little green roses:

We used this recipe for the stir-fried bok choy and bell pepper and did a modified version of this Asian-style baked salmon with sesame, soy, and ginger from the BBC (seriously!), substituting green onion and coriander powder for chives and ‘fresh coriander’. Incidentally, I only just learned that coriander = cilantro plant seeds. They’re brothers from the SAME mother. Also, now I’m pretty sure that by fresh coriander, the recipe meant cilantro. Oops.

This meal was definitely one to revisit. The bok choy was delicate and tasty, we got a nice helping of omega-3s, AND the kitchen smelled like sesame oil/a Chinese restaurant for the rest of the night! (That is a good thing in my book.)

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