This is why I’m [unable to tolerate] hot [conditions]

Giant bottle of water = so necessary on a day like today.

It is no secret to those who know me that I turn into an annoying, grumpy ball of complaints when the temp spikes above 85 Fahrenheit, which has kept me far, far away from hot yoga and the like over the years. I’ve always assumed it’s because I’m a wimpy loser, but it looks like this Well + Good NYC post has provided some more rational explanations for my inability to handle the heat.

My main takeaways after reading the article are:

1) I probably have too much insulation/padding/[insert body fat euphemism here] to effectively disperse heat. Well, duh. I could’ve told you that.

2) Being a lady makes it harder for you to handle hot conditions– which explains why Boyfriend can’t get outside fast enough during heat waves, but DOESN’T account for the superhuman ladies filling Hot Figure 4, hot Pilates, and Bikram studios around this city…

3) My preemie lungs strike again! Well, really, its my whole respiratory system– I probably don’t have enough cardiovascular fitness to get the heat out of me. Body, start cooling me more efficiently!

I can’t do much about the second factor, but I suppose as I work on my overall fitness, 1 and 3 might improve. Hey, if I work out enough, next year I might not need to glue myself to the AC all summer!


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