Back on the wagon

Today I joined one of my lovely lady friends for a dance class at DNA, which marked my fifth workout of the week, following Pilates on Monday, dance on Tuesday, a surprisingly awesome barre class– yes, after swearing off of barre I went back “one last time,” but more on that later– on Thursday, and another Pilates class yesterday. Most weeks, it’s so hard to get to that second dance class…I’m not sure why, though. Maybe because it’s 90 minutes long? I somehow have a much easier time to committing to hour-long classes…

Anyway, I haven’t gone five-for-five in an embarrassingly long time. Here’s to sticking to fitness commitments! [Cheers! It’s five o’clock somewhere, right?]

Monday also marked my 47th week of working out, according to Foursquare. One of my Foursquare friends, by the way, has gone to the gym every week for 70+ weeks. HOW WILL I EVER CATCH UP??

47 weeks at the gym

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