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Foursquare as fitness motivation

18 weeks at the gym

Thanks, Foursquare!

On Tuesday, Foursquare said I’d worked out 18 weeks in a row. This was exciting news.

Most people who know me would say that I’m a bit of a Foursquare obsessive. I check in constantly and am always gleeful to unlock specials– with good reason, I say, since I’ve gotten Amex statement credits, free cocktails, and clothing discounts from Foursquare. I once got into a multi-week, back-and-forth battle for the Mayorship of my office with some coworker I’ve never met. (I eventually gave up because she started checking in on weekends. *cough*CHEATER*cough*.) Foursquare helps me keep track of where I’ve been, gives me suggestions for places I might want to check out, and lets me see what my friends and former coworkers, who make up some 80% of my friends list, are up to.

Foursquare Gym Rat badge

The coveted ‘Gym Rat’ badge: absurdly easy to get if you’re actually athletic; a major victory if you’re me.

When I started working out more regularly in January of this year I was jazzed to unlock the Gym Rat badge fairly quickly (10 gym check-ins within 30 days). I also noticed about a month ago that the app was giving me props for going to the gym every week, keeping track of how many weeks in a row I’d worked out. This little counter’s serving as a surprising form of extrinsic motivation: I’m now fixated on keeping that number growing.

My current goal is to get this number up to 26 weeks, which would be exactly half a year… and to keep it going after that for as long as I can sustain it. Even if I only work out 1-2 times in a week, that’s still great compared to my extreme couch potato-ness of 2011. I realize it’s the same old “You set a new record!” message as when I go to bars/parks/the theatre for X weeks in a row, but I don’t really care. I also know that this wouldn’t work if I were an outdoor runner or cyclist, but since I do most of my workouts at dance, yoga, barre, and Pilates studios it works for me.

Obviously, the motivation to work out has to come mostly from within. I work out because it makes me feel strong and clears my head. But this is just a little extra boost for my motivation. I also have no idea of which day the “week” counter resets, so I’m extra motivated to not let one rest day turn into four.

Chlorophyll has superpowers

I gotta say, after reading this Well+Good NYC post about New Yorkers embracing the magical healing powers of chlorophyll, I’m feeling mighty guilty about only being able to choke down half of the chlorophyll shot included in my one-day Organic Avenue LOVEspring cleanse before I felt like I was going to vomit into the sink. (Maybe I’ll tell y’all about that cleanse someday!)

Shot of pure chlorophyll

Why couldn’t we be friends?

Even drinking this guy as I read the post wasn’t enough to assuage my sense of failure:

My green juice


I guess I’m just not as hardcore as my pigment-chugging peers. D: