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Back on the wagon

Today I joined one of my lovely lady friends for a dance class at DNA, which marked my fifth workout of the week, following Pilates on Monday, dance on Tuesday, a surprisingly awesome barre class– yes, after swearing off of barre I went back “one last time,” but more on that later– on Thursday, and another Pilates class yesterday. Most weeks, it’s so hard to get to that second dance class…I’m not sure why, though. Maybe because it’s 90 minutes long? I somehow have a much easier time to committing to hour-long classes…

Anyway, I haven’t gone five-for-five in an embarrassingly long time. Here’s to sticking to fitness commitments! [Cheers! It’s five o’clock somewhere, right?]

Monday also marked my 47th week of working out, according to Foursquare. One of my Foursquare friends, by the way, has gone to the gym every week for 70+ weeks. HOW WILL I EVER CATCH UP??

47 weeks at the gym

Workout failure, blerg

I sooo meant to go to a modern dance class tonight at DNA…I even wore an exercise tank top as a base layer under my sweater at work today in order to minimize my changing time! Alas, after getting sucked into a conversation with my boss at the very end of the day I totally missed my window to get to the studio on time. Gah.

One thing I’ve really been slacking on lately is following through with the workouts I put on my calendar. Jess at Fit Chick in the City really inspires me with her “Say It, Do It!” feature, so in the name of accountability, I’m going to list out my plans here with the intent of ACTUALLY completing them.

My next 7 days will go as follows:

Wednesday – 90-minute yoga class @ Mala
Thursday REST (not by choice, have a work commitment!)
– 75-minute yoga class @ Strala
– 50-minute Intro to Megaformer @ SLT (eep!)
– 60-minute Yoga FLOW @ SLT
– 90-minute dance class @ DNA

And then…it’s home for Thanksgiving for turkey and veggies (bringing our CSA box home to share with Mom) and maybe some Black Friday yoga. Namaste, y’all!

A return to biking and blogging

A gorgeous Bobbin Birdie

I only WISH this were my bike. As it is, I’m riding something far less lovely.

This first month of summer has really been flying by– mostly because life has been so damn busy during the past few weeks. Boyfriend and I moved to a larger apartment last weekend– a real, live one-bedroom, woo! I’ve also been hard at work in class, although though this moving business has thrown a real wrench into my whole “20 workouts per month” plan. As of June 15th I’d only worked out a measly six times: 2 barre classes, 2 yoga classes, a dance class, and a Pilates class. LAME! (However, I did spend the entire weekend of June 8th packing, lifting, and unpacking giant plastic boxes of my belongings, so I’m inclined to count that as exercise as well.)

Luckily, last week I managed to claw my way back onto the wagon and completed 5 workouts almost by accident. At this rate, the end of the month will see me almost catch up to my stated goal of 20 workouts, as opposed to having the goal fly by, untouched. So that’s better than nothing.

First, I enjoyed a great, sweaty Simonson Technique class on Tuesday at DNA. On Friday I attended a great second class with Sarah G. at Physique 57 SoHo, but was crushed to hear her say that she”ll be moving out of the city soon. I suppose this will be my chance to branch out and try the classes with Lindi, Antonietta, Emily T., Cassie…all the instructors I keep hearing great things about but haven’t yet tried. Saturday brought me my weekly wonderful dose of Pilates with the equally wonderful Karina Michaels at Reforming New York. I sweated the hour out with Boyfriend and a former co-worker, after which we rewarded ourselves with ‘wichcraft in the park. Mmm.

Now, if you possess rudimentary counting skills, you’ll notice that I only worked out 3 times between Tuesday and Saturday. This brings me to my final 2 workouts of the week– two surprise bike rides on Saturday and Sunday afternoons! After lunch on Saturday, Boyfriend and I headed up north to visit my mom’s place. When we arrived, she brought out a couple of old hybrid bikes that had been sitting in the garage for 10+ years, and said we should try them out. If we liked them, she’d have them tuned up and would bring them to the city for us the following week.

The bikes seemed to be generally the right size for us, so we brought them to the gas station and filled the tires, before (at my behest) walking the bikes to a quiet-ish street to begin the ride. My cycling skills are, to put it lightly, MAJORLY WEAK. I can barely manage a hand signal without losing my balance. But after warming up for a few minutes in an empty church parking lot, I rode about 5 miles that afternoon. Not all at once, mind you…we kept stopping to check Google Maps. It’d been a long time since I’d navigated the side streets of my hometown by car, let alone bike. The following day, I defied my aching sitz bones to do another quick 3-miler to and from the beach. While I’m still a little shaky alongside cars, especially at intersections, I think with some practice I’ll be more confident on the bike. I’m definitely going to start out on the park bike paths and greenways in Brooklyn before attempting to ride on the street. It’ll be a work in progress.

My new bike is only an entry-level hybrid from 1997, so it’s going to need some modifications in order to be fit for even light city riding. I need to put a bell and lights on it just to make it legal, and I definitely want fenders and a rear rack. If I start riding the bike to the office, I’ll probably get some puncture-resistant tires (cream ones!) swept-back/North Road/townie bars instead of the standard riser bars, so I can sit more upright, and perhaps a nicer saddle. And in terms of theft-prevention, I’ll need to replace the quick-release levers on the wheels and saddle with locking hex nuts or something similar. Oh, look…now I have something new to obsess over in addition to my boutique fitness class schedule.

In other news, Boyfriend graciously agreed to sign up alongside me for our very first Flywheel Sports class. We’re taking a Friday evening class with Ryan, since every weekday evening class with Jesse, about whom I’ve heard so many great things, filled up so fast once the booking window opened. If it goes well, this summer may well be filled with more indoor and outdoor cycling than I originally anticipated. And if this is the case, I’m going to have to invest in multiple pairs of padded shorts. Or one of those donut pillows to sit on.

1 day, 2 workouts

Modern day equivalent of ambrosia and nectar

Yes plz kthx bai

I’m not one of those type-A New Yorkers who regularly double-dip their workouts…but last night I found myself doing just that. In my own decidedly non-hardcore way.

My social plans for the night fell through, so I headed down to Dance New Amsterdam in Tribeca for a couple of classes. First came a “beginner” mat Pilates class, which reminded me that I still cannot for the life of me do a roll-up without lifting my feet off of the floor, and thoroughly kicked my ass. I followed it up with a Simonson modern/jazz class; that one was more mellow, and it similar to the other Simonson classes I’ve been taking yet still different enough to provide a fresh challenge.

DNA is definitely my new favorite dance spot in town. The space is gorgeous and the teachers and students are all super-friendly. There’s a great sense of community that comes through the second you head upstairs to the studio area– people are always hanging out and chatting in the halls as they wait for their next classes to start. Class rates at the studio are some of the most reasonable in NYC, after the incredibly inexpensive classes at Mark Morris. For non-members, a drop-in class is $16.50. I purchased a $45 membership to take advantage of a rare 11-for-$11 sale on classes a couple of months ago and will definitely buy another 10 class card when I finish my current series.

Of course, today my whole body hurts. And the torture isn’t over yet: I have another Pilates session– this time, a private at Plank— coming up in just about an hour. Maybe in the future I’ll be up for a more intense double-dip like a power vinyasa class followed by Physique 57. But I know myself…so probably not.