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Pulsing and shaking at The Bar Method

Playground balls, when can we use you?!

On a sweltering day in late June I made my way over to the sole NYC location of The Bar Method on Spring Street in SoHo. When I got out of the elevator on the second floor and entered the ridiculously gorgeous space, I was immediately and warmly welcomed by the front desk staff and Amy, my instructor and co-owner of the studio, who had one of her staffers show me around. I chose a locker, changed, and carried my key with me into the studio to hang on a hook.

I was the only first-timer in Amy’s class that day, and she watched me like a hawk throughout the hour. She had the special talent of making me feel welcome and noticed, but not unfairly singled out. New students definitely get called out at Bar way more than at Physique 57, where I’d heretofore taken all of my barre classes. In fact, there are way more callouts over the mic than corrections given with the mic off, and after reading others’ reviews it seems to be somewhat of a signature feature of Bar. Some people may be really turned off by that, but I personally like hearing corrections given to others because I can use them to adjust my own positioning. Usually I’m making the exact same mistake, or some variation thereof, of the student getting corrected. I also appreciate corrections given to me. In a dance class, corrections mean that the teacher sees potential in you and knows you can do better, so my inner teacher’s pet loves this shizz.

I was a little nervous about the class because it was labeled Mixed (Bar actually only offers Mixed and Level 2 classes at the NYC studio) and I’m still firmly in Beginner land at P57. I needn’t have worried too much, though, because the class proceeded at a manageable pace and Amy’s verbal instructions were superb. The class was definitely doable, albeit very challenging. Amy was always there to make sure we were working as deep as possible, and her firm, confident adjustments to my form, especially during arms and seatwork, were amazing. At one point she also murmured “nice tuck” in a surprised tone (then proceeded to adjust me even more).

Now, moving on to the class itself.

The class began with standard leg lifts, then we moved into assorted triceps exercises, bicep curls, and did a ton of pushups and some dips. Even though I only used 2 & 3 pound weights, the section felt NUTS and I wanted to cry, especially when Amy came around and correct my form during the isometric triceps extensions. Talk about burning.

The stretch on the barre after the warmup kinda hurt my ankle, but I adjusted my position and it felt better; I liked how ballet-y it was, with the quarter turn and side stretch.

The thigh section was incredibly slow and rough while it lasted, but actually ended pretty fast; I was honestly expecting more, even though I shook and trembled like whoa. I missed having the playground ball to squeeze between my thighs. (I’ve since gone to two more classes and none of the teachers have ever used the basket of playground balls sitting in the corner…what’s up with that? I need a little inner thigh playground ball action in my life!)

Seat work was less varied than at P57; we only did sets at the barre and no floor work, but it was totally killer. My glute medius shriveled up and died. There was more of an emphasis on an aggressive tuck, it seemed. One annoying thing– during seat work, when we were standing with a hip against the bar and our arms crossed in “seatbelt,” my supporting leg and hip started aching and my foot actually got pins and needles. Something was off with my alignment for sure. I wished I had the playground ball wedged between my body and the barre, like some P57 teachers tell us to do, because my alignment felt off. (However, I was able to adjust myself in subsequent classes and it’s since gotten better. I think. We’ll see.)

The abs section was kind of frustrating for me; I couldn’t feel my transverse abdominis connection during flat back or round back, but I know that I need to work on my breathing in order to really turn on the muscles. My neck also ached during curl because I was having trouble supporting my head. (I’ve since started to put extra foam under my back during curl and have been totally fine. Phew.)

We did some back dancing before the final stretch, and it was especially brutal after all the other work we’d done. When we got to stretching at the end I wanted to weep with joy. Speaking of stretching: something I liked way more at Bar vs. P57 was that all of the stretching in the class seemed wayyyy less rushed in this class. At P57, even in Beginner classes, I sometimes feel like I’m just throwing myself from position to position, and I worry that I’ll injure myself with all of the super-fast transitions. I felt like Amy really respected the importance of stretches between sets and didn’t just blow through them in two seconds apiece.

One tiny logistical complaint: While I majorly appreciate not having to bring my own lock, the key system seems clunky. The only possible upgrade to the incredibly lush locker room would be to install programmable combination locks! I say this because a girl walked away with my key by accident, so I was just standing by the board of keys looking dumb as the next class came in until she ran back in to return it. Blerg.

Overall, Bar felt more like a really strict, focused ballet conditioning class to me, whereas P57 kinda feels like a sorostitute workout party. And I actually think I liked both, but my dance nerd self likes anything that feels more ballet-esque. At Bar I loved the heavy emphasis on form, and I was really motivated to go inside myself and find the strength to push through the exercises. I think that because of this, I ended up taking far fewer breaks than I usually do at P57. I am a little embarrassed to admit that I did kinda miss my quasi-cheerleadery P57 instructors’ positive, chatty banter, but I appreciated Amy’s awesome cueing and on-the-beat counting.

Amy also knew everyone and clearly cares about her students. I overheard her asking people about their vacations, talking with a monthly unlimited member about her progress, etc. It definitely seems like they invest a lot of energy in their clients. That stuff gives me the warm fuzzies inside. After class, Amy asked if I’d enjoyed myself and if I could see myself coming back, and then offered me a great deal on the newcomer’s unlimited package. Of COURSE, in my dreamy and self-congratulatory post-workout state, I immediately took her up on the offer.

I took a couple of weeks off after that first class because I was super-busy and bopping in and out of town for the following weeks, but I recently went back and took two classes with Kristin, whose classes I also loved. After tonight’s class, I’m finishing my first week of the package (Wednesday-Tuesday) with three classes under my belt. I hope to hit it 3 times per week for the rest of this trial month. After that, I’ll reevaluate. Right now I can see myself continuing to attend classes at both Bar and P57, depending on whether I’m feeling more disciplined or in more need of cheerleading. But who knows? By that time I could potentially fall even more in love with the lush Bar studios and super-caring teachers, drink the rest of the Kool-Aid, and buy a membership. I’ve increasingly enjoyed myself as I’ve become more accustomed to what’s going on, so that’s definitely a possibility.

How about y’all– has anyone else been pulsing/shaking/sweating/crying lately, too?


A long overdue update

I would like to say that I’ve been so busy working out and practicing my home cooking that I haven’t had a single minute to update the blog, but we all know that’s not true. However, summer is in full swing, and with all of the moving, birthday-ing, and yes, workouts, I just haven’t been in writing mode… I’m hoping to get back into posting regularly, though, especially since I’m in the middle of a new fitness challenge and have so much to share.

The half-year milestone

I achieved my goal to work out 26 weeks straight (with affirmation coming by way of foursquare checkins) a couple of weeks ago when I checked into a Pilates class. Tonight will probably give me my 28 week shootout when I check into the Bar Method tonight–but more on that later! It feels great to have dedicated a full half year to sweating at least once a week– and usually more like 3, 4, or 5 times every week.

June workout goals

I vowed to work out 20 times in the month of June, 5 of which would be barre classes. Of course, life got in the way, so I didn’t quite make my 20-workout mark– stopped short at 16. However, that still works out to about 4 per week, so I’m satisfied. I did make it to 5 barre classes, including four at Physique 57 and one at the Bar Method. I discovered a favorite P57 teacher, but she unfortunately moved out of the city (I’ve since found a couple of other faves, though).

Try something new (and scary)

I ventured out of my usual habits and attended my very first Flywheel class in June, followed quickly by my first Bar Method class. These made for two very different, but equally positive experiences. Flywheel was first on the docket, and I showed up over half an hour early to a Friday night class with Ryan Makely. The front desk staffers hadn’t even finished setting up the shoes yet– yikes! As such, I didn’t get as warm a welcome as I’d come to expect from reading others’ reviews, since the staff was busy, but it was fine. Had a weird interaction with a fellow student waiting for class; as I took a couple of puffs on my albuterol inhaler, which I take prior to cardio workouts for my exercise-induced asthma, she asked me if the inhaler “helped.” I was puzzled and answered, “Yes, in that it lets me keep breathing…” Her friend jumped in and explained what albuterol and asthma were. I guess she thought I was taking some kind of performance-enhancing substance? Anyway, I started to get a little nervous when the door to the classroom opened and I saw that all of the students in the prior class were utterly soaked with sweat. It was a little comforting that there was a variety of ages and body types represented in the previous class, but on the whole I was a little terrified. When I got into the room, an assistant helped me adjust my bike, but I totally zoned out when he was explaining the settings to me. If I go back, I’m going to have to get more assistance with setting up.

As for the class itself, I have NEVER experienced anything like it. It totally blew me away. I was dripping with sweat 2 minutes in, and my quads were on fire at the 5 minute mark. Ryan had amazing energy, even though the crowd was pretty quiet, and I found myself letting out a couple of whoops along the way. He taught on the bike, which was really nice as a first-timer– I was able to see what first, second, and third position were, as well as proper form, even from the back row. Ryan incorporated a lot of jumps, tap backs, and hills in the class, which kept things varied. Even though I was always about 10 below the torque range he said, and 5 RPMs behind (and my stats afterward were super-pathetic), I got an amazing workout.

It definitely took some getting used to– I had a tough time balancing myself on the bike seat when I needed to sip my water, which was often. However, once I started engaging my core more, I was able to find my balance. I also had some difficulty figuring out how to stand during our first standing sprint, but I quickly got a hang of it. By the midpoint of class, I was looking forward to the standing parts! As I mentioned, my power, RPM, and other numbers were seriously pathetic (we’re talking 5th or less percentile) and I think I made a huge mistake in letting myself kind of stop pedaling during each transition. I think that’s something that I could improve with more practice.

All in all, I had a fabulous time at Flywheel, I conquered my fear of spin class, and even though I almost had two asthma attacks during class, my lungs and legs survived! I doubt my knees would like all the repetitive motion if I were to go regularly, and I think I might actually need to put some kind of orthotic in the cycling shoes for my wonky feet, but I would not hesitate to throw this into my workout routine for another change of pace in the future.

Stay tuned for my review of my first Bar Method class, and some thoughts on the couple of classes I’ve taken since then.

Fitness explorer or dilettante?

24 weeks

Achieved tonight at a dance class.

As the year goes on it becomes more and more apparent– and amazing to me– that exercise is once again assuming a prominent place in my life. I look forward to my workouts and miss them when I skip them (although an extra rest day here and there is quite welcome). After being a devout indoor kid and couch potato for the first 15 years of my life, overtraining an under-conditioned indoor kid body for 7 seasons as a high school and college fencer, getting way too obsessive about diet and exercise after college, undergoing multiple rounds of physical therapy for various old injuries, and hopping on/off the yoga bandwagon more times than I can count, I’m taking great pains to make sure that my newfound exercise habit is varied, safe, and sustainable in the long term.

Now that I’m close to my goal of a full half-year of weekly workouts, I’m also becoming more sure of what kinds of workouts I like, so that I can make sure that I keep up the fitness thing for the second half of the year. So far, I have learned that I thrive in thoughtful, high-energy, and non-competitive group classes, especially those with an emphasis on linking breath to movement– or at least those with instructors who REMIND me to breathe. My winter/early spring obsession with ballet has faded, and I’ve discovered an intense love for Simonson Technique, which allows me to work within the limits of my body type and bone structure. I love Pilates more than ever and look forward to my weekly class (especially with Boyfriend at my side). I’m finding that with the right instructor, I kind of secretly heart barre classes. I even found my way back to the yoga mat a handful of times in the past 2 months. And as I mentioned recently, this week Boyfriend and I are heading to our first Flywheel class ever.

With all of these endeavors going on, I have begun to worry that I am too much of a dilettante/dabbler. I have been going to one barre class, one Pilates class, one or two dance classes, and sometimes a yoga class every week. Is this too random for me to see results? Would it be better for me to take, say, 2-3 barre classes and drop Pilates and yoga? I hesitate to say yes, because I feel great. My clothes are fitting way better than they have in recent memor, I can see visible biceps muscles upon flexing for the first time ever, and my calves look damn good. I also think my workouts complement each other. The strengthening of barre and Pilates finds a nice counterpoint in the movement of dance and stretching of yoga, and I have read too many exercise physiology articles at this point to in good conscience sign myself up for a regimen of 100% isometric training. Still, I can’t help but wonder whether I’m missing out in comparison to my friend who hits up Physique 57 every day, or the coworkers who alternate thrice-weekly spinning with twice-a-week power yoga.

The other drawback that comes along with this variety of boutique fitness classes is the overwhelming cost. I really need to get a handle on my fitness budget– I know it would be more responsible to just commit to a membership somewhere or maybe drop the more expensive classes *cough*Physique*cough* in favor of relatively budget-friendly yoga. I briefly considered, but ultimately decided against joining Equinox, because I just can’t stand the gym vibe, and refusing to give up my Pilates and dance classes renders the financial incentive nil. I also sometimes entertain the idea of joining the SoHo location of Exhale, but I worry that I wouldn’t go enough, or that I’d incur an overuse injury from only doing Core Fusion (although I know there are several varieties therein). Whyyyy do I not have a trust fund earmarked solely for overpriced boutique workouts?!? 😛

Today I also found myself wishing that I had a consistent workout buddy. Even though I’ve been doing all of these group classes, the vibe at some studios can be pretty cold, and I’m naturally shy– introducing myself to the girl next to me is never easy for me. Most of my friends either work out in the morning at studios far away from me, belong to full-service gyms, or don’t exercise at all. I have been talking Physique up to some of my coworkers, but none have taken the bait yet. A friend to grimace at from across the studio would be really nice. However, it’s clear that most people are there to get in and get out. I suppose I’d better get used to it…or grow some balls and start introducing myself to the ladies sitting/standing/shaking next to me.

A return to biking and blogging

A gorgeous Bobbin Birdie

I only WISH this were my bike. As it is, I’m riding something far less lovely.

This first month of summer has really been flying by– mostly because life has been so damn busy during the past few weeks. Boyfriend and I moved to a larger apartment last weekend– a real, live one-bedroom, woo! I’ve also been hard at work in class, although though this moving business has thrown a real wrench into my whole “20 workouts per month” plan. As of June 15th I’d only worked out a measly six times: 2 barre classes, 2 yoga classes, a dance class, and a Pilates class. LAME! (However, I did spend the entire weekend of June 8th packing, lifting, and unpacking giant plastic boxes of my belongings, so I’m inclined to count that as exercise as well.)

Luckily, last week I managed to claw my way back onto the wagon and completed 5 workouts almost by accident. At this rate, the end of the month will see me almost catch up to my stated goal of 20 workouts, as opposed to having the goal fly by, untouched. So that’s better than nothing.

First, I enjoyed a great, sweaty Simonson Technique class on Tuesday at DNA. On Friday I attended a great second class with Sarah G. at Physique 57 SoHo, but was crushed to hear her say that she”ll be moving out of the city soon. I suppose this will be my chance to branch out and try the classes with Lindi, Antonietta, Emily T., Cassie…all the instructors I keep hearing great things about but haven’t yet tried. Saturday brought me my weekly wonderful dose of Pilates with the equally wonderful Karina Michaels at Reforming New York. I sweated the hour out with Boyfriend and a former co-worker, after which we rewarded ourselves with ‘wichcraft in the park. Mmm.

Now, if you possess rudimentary counting skills, you’ll notice that I only worked out 3 times between Tuesday and Saturday. This brings me to my final 2 workouts of the week– two surprise bike rides on Saturday and Sunday afternoons! After lunch on Saturday, Boyfriend and I headed up north to visit my mom’s place. When we arrived, she brought out a couple of old hybrid bikes that had been sitting in the garage for 10+ years, and said we should try them out. If we liked them, she’d have them tuned up and would bring them to the city for us the following week.

The bikes seemed to be generally the right size for us, so we brought them to the gas station and filled the tires, before (at my behest) walking the bikes to a quiet-ish street to begin the ride. My cycling skills are, to put it lightly, MAJORLY WEAK. I can barely manage a hand signal without losing my balance. But after warming up for a few minutes in an empty church parking lot, I rode about 5 miles that afternoon. Not all at once, mind you…we kept stopping to check Google Maps. It’d been a long time since I’d navigated the side streets of my hometown by car, let alone bike. The following day, I defied my aching sitz bones to do another quick 3-miler to and from the beach. While I’m still a little shaky alongside cars, especially at intersections, I think with some practice I’ll be more confident on the bike. I’m definitely going to start out on the park bike paths and greenways in Brooklyn before attempting to ride on the street. It’ll be a work in progress.

My new bike is only an entry-level hybrid from 1997, so it’s going to need some modifications in order to be fit for even light city riding. I need to put a bell and lights on it just to make it legal, and I definitely want fenders and a rear rack. If I start riding the bike to the office, I’ll probably get some puncture-resistant tires (cream ones!) swept-back/North Road/townie bars instead of the standard riser bars, so I can sit more upright, and perhaps a nicer saddle. And in terms of theft-prevention, I’ll need to replace the quick-release levers on the wheels and saddle with locking hex nuts or something similar. Oh, look…now I have something new to obsess over in addition to my boutique fitness class schedule.

In other news, Boyfriend graciously agreed to sign up alongside me for our very first Flywheel Sports class. We’re taking a Friday evening class with Ryan, since every weekday evening class with Jesse, about whom I’ve heard so many great things, filled up so fast once the booking window opened. If it goes well, this summer may well be filled with more indoor and outdoor cycling than I originally anticipated. And if this is the case, I’m going to have to invest in multiple pairs of padded shorts. Or one of those donut pillows to sit on.

Summer of triceps (and accountability)

The heat wave over Memorial Day weekend did nothing if not remind me that 1) summer is just around the corner, and she’s going to be a bitch, and 2) I will probably have to wrestle my way into a bathing suit at least once over the next few months. Blerg. However, Well + Good NYC recently posted a piece on “how to design your perfect summer,” and since I blindly follow all advice I read on the Internet, I’m obeying life coach Laurie Gerber’s first tip:

Write it down. The most important thing is to actually create a detailed plan, says Gerber, and put it in writing. Start with the tips below. “Extra credit if you read what you wrote, post it somewhere, and/or tell people!””

I’m willing to bet that Laurie’s already designed her perfect summer, and probably knows her stuff, because she looks really happy in her headshot– like she’s laughing at a really clever joke that we can’t hear.  So here I go, writing it down.

In the months of June, July, and August this year, I hereby pledge to:

  • Complete 20 workouts each month (an average of 5 per week).
  • Of those 20 monthly workouts, at least five will consist of trembling and grunting my way through a Physique 57 or other barre class (Core Fusion, Pure Barre, Bar Method, etc.)
  • Try something new/scary every month. So in June, I plan to take my very first spinning class at Flywheel. (Will my exercise-induced asthma and wonky knees be able to handle it? We’ll find out!) July may see me attempting taking on a hardcore session of metabolic resistance training with the Refine Method, and in August I’d like to make an ass of myself at Brooklyn Boulders or something else completely different from my usual dance-yoga-Pilates-barre routine.
  • And of course, I promise to rest on two non-consecutive days every week to let my body recover. That part’s easy.
Outside of working out, I will also:

  • Turn 27 without whining about how I’m getting “so old” (but really guys, I’m getting sooo old omgzwtf)
  • Drink cocktails– preferably fruity ones with a gin base– on rooftops, as often as possible.
  • Take advantage of the spacious kitchen in our new apartment with some serious hot-weather-friendly home cooking.
  • Obtain the necessary appliances to blend and juice to my heart’s content.

I’ll be sharing stories about my workouts and eats the whole way through. Stay tuned.

Yoga, tapas, and a major dessert fail.

Score! Five more weeks until I hit the half-year mark of consistent weekly workouts.


If weeks were years, my workout streak could legally booze it up.

My Foursquare-monitored exercise streak continued today as I checked into Dance New Amsterdam for 90 minutes of Mind Body Dancer Yoga. I wasn’t sure what to expect from this class, which is supposedly geared toward dancers (if the name didn’t make it obvious enough). Perhaps we’d spend half the class in Dancer’s Pose. Or get berated for not being sufficiently bendy. Thankfully, it was actually just a nice, flowing vinyasa class with a solid mix of Sun Salutations, standing poses, twists, etc. Because of the hot weather today, the last half hour of class included some cooling pranyama, restorative poses, and a generous savasana. Yum.

My favorite thing about the class was that the flow felt steady and safe, not frenetic– we weren’t throwing ourselves from plank-to-chaturanga-to-up dog-to down dog over and over again. Another observation: despite the crowd being young, fit, dancer-y, and 100% female, I picked up on none of the weirdly competitive vibe that is unique to the NYC yoga scene. Zero. Everyone was just very much in their own world, doing what they needed to do. Kind of like in a dance class…duh.

After class, Boyfriend and I met for tapas at La Oficina Latina in Nolita, where I enjoyed a split second of accidental awkward eye contact with Adrian Grenier. You know, from Entourage, and that Melissa Joan Hart movie Drive Me Crazy from way back in 1999. I’m pretty sure he’s been in other stuff, too, but I honestly couldn’t tell you what. Conclusion: he’s pretty mega handsome, in a scruffy way. And he belongs to my coworker’s food co-op!

We then went on a quest for vegan dessert, and having missed the window for visiting Babycakes, we ended up at a hippie-ish place called Whole Earth in the East Village. Now, they supposedly have amazing vegan pumpkin pie, but I decided to ignore everyone else’s rave pie reviews and ordered a vegan triple-chocolate brownie. BIG MISTAKE. I’m highly doubtful that three(!) kinds of chocolate actually made it into the brownie, because it tasted mostly like cardboard and despair. It was one of those vegan baked goods that really tasted, well… vegan. But really, I should never say that, because I’ve had amazeballs vegan cookies, cupcakes, muffins, etc. So using “vegan” as shorthand for “disgusto” is hereby outlawed from my vocabulary. It was a shitty brownie, end of story. Next time I’ll listen to everyone and get the damn pie.

Anyway, I was disappointed to have blown $4 on a crappy dessert, and then we tried to hit up Lula’s for some dairy-free ice cream but were shot down as they’re not open on Mondays. So we went home without any treats, and I cried. And then we watched Sunday’s Mad Men and I cried for real. If you’ve seen the episode, you’ll know what I mean, I think. Maybe. I also kinda cry a lot, so who knows?

But I digress!

Tomorrow I’m trying a new workout. I’ll be visiting Pure Barre up near Columbus Circle, because my Tuesday dance class was canceled, my favorite Pilates teacher is all booked up, and I didn’t want to play the waitlist game with Physique 57 after accidentally canceling my reservation and losing my spot. (I’m also still too scared of spinning to use that Flywheel credit I bought on a whim the other week. Will my “preemie lungs,” as Boyfriend puts it, explode from all of that cardio? Will my butt fall off after sitting on a hard, narrow bike seat for 45 mins? These are the things I worry about.) Wish me luck!

Stay Classy: Physique 57, take 3

The evil playground ball

Instruments of a unique kind of torture.

Last night I decided to amp up the pain factor of my workout by hitting up a class at Physique 57. This was my first time at the (um, gorgeous) UWS Physique studio, and only my third Physique class ever. I hadn’t been to a class in a couple of months, and just like the first two times, the Beginner class kicked my ass.

My teacher, Sarah M., was adorable and perky, as Physique instructors are wont to be. She was also wearing those Blake Brody in-studio flats that I’m loath to acknowledge I completely covet even though I think they’re fairly ridiculous and unnecessary. She asked if there were any n00bs to the class, if there were any of us who had taken five or fewer classes, and if there were any injuries– score! She also went around the room and took all of our names.

The class itself proceeded pretty much the way I suppose all P57 Beginner classes do: warmup with arms, followed by thighs, seat work, and abs, with stretches and pushups thrown in the mix. I experienced a minor success when at one point in the warmup Sarah shouted out, “If you feel like you could go for another 30 seconds, you need heavier weights!” I took a quick scan and realized that I did indeed feel like I could keep going…I guess the weakling 4-pounders I picked up weren’t doing it for me anymore. Hooray for getting stronger! Next time I’ll be sure to grab the standard 5-pound dumbbells.

However, moving onto thighs and seat quickly erased any delusions of badassery on my part. My quads achieved the requisite burning effect within 10 seconds of starting the thigh section. I had to take more breaks than I would have liked, and during the “curl” portion of abs the assistant came over a couple of times to encourage me to get lower. Sigh. Still, I definitely need to work on my form, so I appreciated all of the corrections I got during the seat and abs sections.

One gripe I have with P57 is the quickness of the class. I know that that’s kind of a selling point of the class- that it maximizes every second of the 57-minute class and keeps your heart rate up by moving quickly from exercise to exercise– but I’m strangely prone to muscle tweaks/cramps and if I don’t move mindfully I tend to do stupid things and hurt myself. My neck suffered a little from rushing from one position to the next (not sure what exactly I did). And due to either dehydration, a form error, plain old weakness, or some other weird reason, my left triceps muscle spasmed pretty badly during the warmup, and I tweaked it again during the last round of tricep dips. Blerg. I also wish we held stretches for longer; it always feels like we’re only doing each stretch for about 2 seconds before moving on. To be honest, a slower barre class might be better for me (perhaps Core Fusion or Bar Method?), but I’m going to stick with Physique for at least a few more classes and see how it goes.

Despite silently cursing my way through basically the entire workout, I liked the class. I thought Sarah’s verbal descriptions and cueing were strong. She came off as genuinely concerned with our form and performance, so that was far better than the slightly fake-nice instructor I had for my second class back in March. We also had an assistant in the room, and this was a boon for sure as both she and Sarah were able to make their way around the room to watch us like hawks and correct our sad beginner’s form as necessary.

Something unfortunate about tonight, unrelated to the class itself, was that I forgot my damn socks again. This happened for my first class as well. So now I’m the slightly-ashamed owner of two pairs of grippy P57 socks– one black, and one gray. (I have to admit, though, the grip is nice.)

Overpriced grippy socks...

Hard proof of my forgetfulness, times two.

Next week I’m aiming high and going for a double dose of Physique: I’m signed up for another class next Tuesday, and then one that Saturday. With any luck I’ll survive.