Hi. My name is Mel, and I’m a twenty-blah-blah-year-old user experience (UX) designer. This, however, is not a design blog. Instead, it is a blog in which I might cook food or work out or hear something funny on the street and then write about it here.

I live and work in Brooklyn, and like most New Yorkers*, there have been weeks in which I’ve ordered delivery or eaten at a restaurant on far more nights (seven) than I’ve cooked (zero). This is because I am both lazy and a terrible cook. My former roommate can attest to my being an utter failure in the kitchen. I’ve burned myself on the oven door. I have zero knife skills. And if I have multiple dishes going at once, my kitchen inevitably looks like a bombed-out war zone when I’m finished. However, I’ve recently hit a wall when it comes to my food spending, so in an effort to save money AND live a healthier life, I’m really vaguely trying to cook at home on a regular basis.

The title of the blog comes from the fact that Boyfriend and I are trying to save our dollars so that we can travel more often. We share a dream travel itinerary of visiting Stockholm, Copenhagen, and Amsterdam. One of our tactics in working toward this goal has been to spend less money on restaurant food and more time in the kitchen.

We have not been very successful so far.

*I made that up. Also, I’m pretty sure every cooking-averse NYC resident claims this about “most” New Yorkers.

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